“It’s exciting to help ridge students create a successful future.”

John Gliha
PSF president

Welcome to Paradise Scholarship Foundation

A high school diploma is a good start, but folks in the Paradise Scholarship Foundation are doing their part to ensure that Ridge graduates have a chance to go beyond high school and add a college degree to their future. Each year Paradise-area students receive scholarships to help them in their college careers, thanks to the work of the Paradise Scholarship Foundation and the generosity of its donors.

Formed in 1956, the Paradise Scholarship Foundation awards college scholarships to students attending Paradise High School and Paradise Adventist Adacemy.

Scholarships are based upon academic performance, test scores, an essay and an interview.

Community members, service organizations and businesses support the foundation with their donations, gifts and bequests. The Paradise Scholarship Foundation is a not-for-profit, public benefit corporation; all donations to the foundation are tax-deductible.

The Paradise Scholarship Foundation is funded entirely by our community for our community’s high school students. Each gift helps Ridge students create a successful future.

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