Students must take the SAT or ACT to qualify for a PSF scholarship--even if the school they'll be attending doesn't require one.

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If you attend Paradise High School or Ridgeview High School and have taken a college entrance exam (SAT or ACT) during your high school years, you may qualify to apply for an award from the Paradise Scholarship Foundation. Please note that you must take a college entrance exam to qualify for a PSF scholarship, even if the college you will attend does not require one for admission.

Each January, foundation volunteers work closely with school officials to identify students who meet the foundation’s established minimum scholastic requirements. These students are invited to an informational meeting at their school in February; where they learn about the application process and receive an application.

Qualified applicants who submit their paperwork on time will be scheduled for an interview with PSF board members in early spring. 

Students are evaluated on a 100-point scale. Grade point average is allotted 40 points, SAT or ACT scores count another 20 points, 20 points can be awarded based upon financial need and 10 points each are allowed for the interview and essay. 

The awards apply toward the first year of college enrollment. The two graduates who have the highest evaluation scores will each receive a renewable four-year award; one award is named after Elizabeth Nix and the other after Paul Combs—both generous donors who each bequeathed estates worth more than $100,000 to the Paradise Scholarship Foundation. To retain the renewable awards, students must meet criteria established by the foundation.

Don’t forget: To qualify you must take either the SAT or ACT—even if you’ll be attending a school which doesn’t require it—and the time to take it is no later than January of your senior year.

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